About Local Service SEO

Local Service SEO is a specialized division of Local Service Pages, publisher of interactive New York City phone books. The goal at Local Service is to put our clients in front of a ready to buy audience which is why search engine optimization is a natural fit for both LSP and its clients.

LS uses unique technology that determines the minimum human hours required to move through the ranks for keywords depending on their traffic, competition and geography. Additional technology utilized by LS  enables us to save hours of preparation and research needed by other SEO companies, lessening the number of hours charged – saving our clients money! Doing search engine optimization this way ensures we get results at the proper rate. Our thinking is when we deliver cost effective results on some keywords you will want to continue working with us and likely add on new keywords.

Local Service SEO is not only about results at the right rate, but personalized service. When you come aboard with LS SEO you have an in-person point of contact as well as an in-house dedicated account manager who can help answer technical questions that arise along the way.

We are a New York company that knows this market back and forth and works with hundreds of service business throughout Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island and Westchester. More than likely we have an understanding of your industry, but more importantly we understand that every business is different and therefore our approach must be tailored for each one of our clients.

Whether you are a plumber, pest control, contractor, dentist, lawyer or physician, we can deliver real search engine optimization results. Feel free to start off with a small budget and grow into a larger budget as your page rankings grow.